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Equipment Procurement

The project will benefit both local and international communities in need.

  • Bronx fire victims

  • Ghana

  • Trinidad

  • Ukraine Refugees


Luom Community Borehole


The Kusudi Board members took this fantastic opportunity to build a borehole (water well) for a local community in need during our trip to Ghana. Please help us finish our goal of getting this well made.

For more information about the project, click here.


Ghana Outreach Service 2022

The outreach trip delivered medical equipment, collaborated with local hospitals, and provided PT and Medical Probono evaluations to those in need. 

This program trips focus on broadening access to healthcare and services needed without regard to the ability to pay dedicated to the people of Ghana.


Service trips include service procurement, training and education of parents and caregivers, in addition to collaboration with schools and orphanages in developing countries. 

Past Projects​


Members of Our Board of Directors have served in the following Countries providing medical relief to underserved communities:

  • Dominican Republic

  • Trinidad

  • Jamaica

  • South Africa

  • Honduras

  • Guatemala

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