GHANA 2020 Mission

10 day community service trip to school: Mephibosheth's House located in Accra Cape Coast Road.


All interests and deposit is due by October 15, 2019.

Interested Participants email


High School Health

Professional Panel

Date TBD


Inner City Education Series

Collaboration with NYC Housing Authority. Kusudi International Summer Health & Wellness Education Series Starts July 15th and runs through until August 20th


Each Saturday/Sunday starting at 3pm


Service trips include service procurement, training and education of parents and caregivers, in addition to collaboration with schools and orphanages in developing countries. 

Past Projects​


Members of Our Board of Directors have served in the following Countries providing medical relief to underserved communities:

  • Dominican Republic

  • Trinidad

  • Jamaica

  • South Africa

  • Honduras

  • Guatemala