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The Beginning

Fourteen years ago, during a Medical Mission in Belize, a revelation occurred to a young PT student who had a passion for caregiving. While on this trip, our Founder and CEO Nia Mensah conversed with a patient in an under-budget hospital ward located in the inner city "county" hospital of Belize City. The teenager was an inpatient resident in a room of 12 beds due to a gunshot wound. The young man was scheduled to receive physical therapy to learn how to walk with crutches.


During the typical "therapy session," Nia shared about her life experiences relating to growing up in a heavily populated city full of gun and gang violence, similar to Belize City. She shared that although the options of riotous living were readily available for her, God had another plan for her life. At the conclusion of their walk, the patient was independent with the use of crutches, he was moved to tears while contemplating a change in his life for the better, and the student therapist learned the true purpose of her occupational "walk" in life. 

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K.I. Today

Kusudi International (K.I.) Inc. provides rehabilitative (PT, OT, ST) and medical assistance for individuals in need locally and abroad. KI strives to not only meet the physical need but to provide hope encouragement with an emphasis on providing purpose-driven relief that lasts.

Our goal is to serve the forgotten, underserved, and mistreated in our midst. We also provide educational resources for overall improved health and wellness to medically impoverished populations in the hopes of preventing injury, illness, and decline in function throughout the lifespan. Veterans are also a targeted population for outreach. Far too often, soldiers' who return home are isolated and ignored in the mainstream culture. Where there is an identified need that we can optimally relieve, the purpose is received. "Kusudi" Indeed.

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