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The Board

Our Board of Directors are comprised of Medical Doctors, Attorneys, Educators, Parents, Rehabilitation Specialist and Finance Engineers. Current Elected Officers are listed below:


Libby Jackson-Diagne 


Libby uses her life to exercise her education as a certified Kepner Tregoe Problem-Solving and Decision Making (PSDM) workshop Instructor. PSDM is a rational thinking process that helps participants learn problem-solving and decision-making techniques that can be applied when things go wrong, as they sometimes do. NASA and companies like CNN, where Libby has worked for nearly 30 years, use these methods. This workshop will focus on decision-making tool that helps bring focused intentions to making choices about life events. Libby will guide participants through the step-by-step process by sharing her successes using the process and allowing participants to take a stab at the process for themselves.

Nia Mensah headshot_edited.jpg

Vice President

Nia Irene Mensah

Corine Toomer.jpeg


Corine Toomer 



Queen Mbanuzue

CV picture- Erika Dillard.jpg

Board Member

Erika Dillard


Board Member

Lisa Toomer

Tiffany Patton.jpeg

Board Member

Tiffany Patton

Screen Shot 2019-10-27 at 10.52.51

Board Member

Debra Toomer

Amanda Rosette.jpeg

Board Member

Amanda Rosette


Board Member

Temitope Ajibade


Board Member

Abou-Bakar Mamah

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