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Kusudi International Summer Health & Wellness Lecture Series 


We took our third annual Summer Health & Wellness series virtual this year for an amazing six weeks of free virtual workshops, consultations and conversation for all ages, open to everyone everywhere! Click below to watch video of each recorded session.

Session 1 - "Introduction to Non-Profit Organizations: Turning your passion into purpose" with Nia Mensah PT, DPT

Click to watch, enter password 4h*^!*8*

Session 2 - "Knowing the Side Effects of Your Medication"

with Temitope Ajibade, Nurse Anesthetist 

Click to watch, enter password 7t=$6Hu^


Session 3 - "Teen Talks: How is COVID affecting us?"

 live zoom discussion with teens, not recorded


Session 4 - "Personal Training and Staying Fit with Home Exercise"

with Yamisi Fanga, Personal Trainer, Clutch Fitness 

Click to watch, enter password r&Pe31vP


Session 5 - "Fall Prevention Methods and Techniques for Improved Balance with Aging"

with Natalie Weeks PT, DPT 

Click to watch, enter password 5m&C5dFQ


Session 6 - "Signs of A Stroke"

with Erika Dillard MD, PhD, Neurosurgeon 

Click to watch, enter password KcPh4DE*


Session 7 - "Black Women Navigating Health Care Decisions"

with Corine Jay Toomer PhD 

Click to watch, enter password 5DaM*&N3


Session 8 - "Coffee and Cardio: Fitness & Discussion"

with Yvonne Egitto PT, DPT 

Click to watch, enter password CL*14q3*


Session 9 - "Cerebral Palsy, Autism, and Other Common Pediatric Movement Disorders" 

with Nia Mensah PT, DPT 

Click to watch, enter password 51%H1f1m


Session 10 - "Co-morbidities in the Senior Population: Know the effects of age-related muscle wasting" 

with Amanda Rosette PT, DPT

Click to watch, enter password =cfMC@7a


Session 11 - Health Professional and Leadership Panel

Click to watch, enter password KX=U5$Y9

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